My Software Tools - Visual Studio 2010

We employ all Microsoft technologies to take advantage of their tried and true development platforms. The extensive user community for MS products is unparralled and the ability to easily research and find solutions keeps your costs down.

Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio is a powerful IDE that ensures quality code throughout the entire application lifecycle, from design to deployment. Whether you’re developing applications for SharePoint, the web, Windows, Windows Phone, and beyond, Visual Studio is your ultimate all-in-one solution.

Visual Studio 2010 Links

Examples of our work with Visual Studio 2010

Over the years we have a large library of reuseable objects such as generic SQL database access components, this provides the opportunity to reduce your costs by having many royalty free ready to load objects that reduce the development time of your project.

  • Windows Services
  • Web Services
  • Sharepoint Integration and Development
  • Database Analytics
  • Drag and Drop User Controls
  • Web Dashboards (See example here)