My Software Tools - Sharepoint 2010

We employ all Microsoft technologies to take advantage of their tried and true development platforms. The extensive user community for MS products is unparralled and the ability to easily research and find solutions keeps your costs down.

Sharepoint 2010 Designer

Using SharePoint Designer, you can rapidly create SharePoint solutions in response to business needs. Compose no-code solutions that encompass a variety of common scenarios, from collaborative sites and web publishing to Line-Of-Business data integration, business intelligence solutions, and human workflows, all leveraging the building blocks available in SharePoint in an easy to use environment. Developers can use SharePoint Designer 2010 to get a quick start on SharePoint development projects.

This is an example of a Sharepoint list. From this list I can create and track assignments, assign workflows and never miss a honey do item. With this technology, you can be empowered to manage your own content from a user friendly interface that is built with the Office 2007 look and feel that you already know.

Create a family photo album that is easily tagged and searched and can be restricted to only family members that you determine.

You can see how this type of technology can be employed by large and small business as an E-Commerce tool and/or internal project management tool. We can even integrate your Extranet site with the backend technology to provide analytics and business processing of front end activities. For example, convert your access database to Sharepoint lists or link from Excel and create workflows from the excel data.

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