Kahi Ko’Ola Uhane – Place of Renewed Spirit
Please review and agree to the following house rules. All confirmations are contingent upon receipt of a completed agreement. Mahalo!
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Including non-refundable cleaning fee and Hawaii tax at the rate of 13.42%.

Payment via Visa credit card preferred. Also available by Mastercard, check or money order. Please contact us for payment instructions.
Booking deposit $ due to confirm this agreement
Remaining fee $ due 30 days prior to arrival
Security deposit $ 200.00 due 30 days prior to arrival
(Your security check will be held, not cashed—returned to you after clearance of any damages/excessive costs. See SECURITY DEPOSIT below. Or, you may use a credit card as guaranty)
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The owners may be contacted by email at kramernshaw@hawaiiantel.net.
You may also phone David Shaw at (808) 965-5683 or Nancy Kramer at (808) 965-2729.
OCCUPANCY FEES are due 30 days prior to arrival.
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Kahi Ko’Ola Uhane – Place of Renewed Spirit

WHEN AND HOW LONG YOU MAY OCCUPY: Your occupancy will commence on the check-in date and terminate on the check-out date. Check-in time is 3:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am. If these times do not fit your schedule, please let us know in advance, so that other arrangements can be made, if possible. Bookings are often "back-to-back" and these times may be critical in order to allow sufficient cleaning of the unit.


If you are paying by check, please make check payable to David Shaw and send to:

13-3444 Luana St. Pahoa HI 96778-8416

If you are paying with your Visa or MasterCard, you must supply the card number, the expiration date, the name of the card holder, and the security code on the back. You may supply this information by telephone, USPS mail, or by email. Credit card information sent by email should be split between two different emails for your protection: one with the card number and the other with the expiration and security codes.

BOOKING DEPOSIT: A payment of the minimum three-day stay is required to secure your reservation.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: You must include a $200 security deposit check with your advance rental payment unless you are paying with a credit card. If so, you are authorizing the credit card to be used as a guaranty; it will not be charged unless there are damages such as those listed below. Similarly, your check will be held, not cashed, and returned to you if no issues arise.

ADVANCE PAYMENT OF RENTAL FEE: The rental fee for the entire term of your stay must be paid in full 30 days prior to your arrival. If you paid your booking deposit with a credit card, your card will be charged with remaining amount of the rent (less the booking deposit) 30 days prior to your arrival. If you are paying by check or money order the remaining rent and the separate security deposit check must be received 30 days before arrival. Otherwise, if the occupancy fee is not received on or before the due date, your reservation is subject to cancellation and the cancellation fees would apply.

CANCELLATION FEES: Reservation date to 31 days from rental start date – 50% of the booking deposit. 30-14 days – 100% of the booking deposit. Less than 14 days – forfeit of the entire rental amount. This is due to the fact that we are unable to re-book on such short notice. If we can re-rent at the same rate, any difference will be credited back to you. The security deposit will be returned if your reservation is canceled at any time.

FORFEITURE OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT: The guest signee understands and agrees that violations of the house rules could result in a forfeiture of the security deposit as indicated in this agreement. If you pay the deposit with a check, the check will be held for no more than 45 days after your departure. This will allow us to determine if there are excessive utility or cleaning charges, or any expenses for repairs, missing items, or any other damages as may arise. If you use a credit card deposit as your guaranty for repairs, any charges will be made no later than 45 days after departure. You will be provided will a full accounting of any amounts of the security deposit forfeited.

ALL OCCUPANTS RESPONSIBLE: The signing occupant does so on behalf of all occupants and each of the occupants is responsible for the payment of the rent and for the performance of this agreement. These terms and rules are applicable at all times during your occupancy. Failure to observe or perform these agreed upon terms and rules may constitute default. In egregious cases, the owner shall have the right to demand immediate dismissal of all occupants and upon such demand, all monies paid by or on behalf of the occupants shall be retained by owner and owner shall have the right to take all action necessary to recover monetary compensation for any and all damages not covered by said funds.

SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN: Adults shall be responsible for the actions of children under their care and control. The adult occupants are jointly and solely responsible for the actions of any and all minors (under 18 years of age) on the property. In particular, each adult is responsible for all minors and must make sure they abide by the house rules. The owners accept no responsibility and/or liability with respect to said minors.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Kahi Ko’Ola Uhane has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Maximum occupancy for this unit is six people, including all children over 2 years of age. There is a queen bed, a double bed, and a double fold-out futon love seat.

NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE: This is a nonsmoking rental. No smoking is allowed inside or on the lanai as the smoke will drift into the house. Smokers may light up under the house or out in the yard.

CARE OF PREMISES: Occupants agree to keep the house in clean, neat, safe and good order and to pay for any damages caused by misuse or neglect. Any defect in the unit should be promptly reported to the owner. Occupants agree to leave the unit in clean and neat condition upon vacating. Any housekeeping services requested shall be at the expense of the occupant.

CONSERVATION OF UTILITIES: Owner shall pay for normal and customary usage of water, gas and electricity, and satellite television service. All occupants must use due care in conserving the utilities. For example, water not left running for an unreasonable length of time and remembering to turn off the lights and electrical devices when leaving the house. Guest may be charged for any utility cost which is over the normal and typical average monthly bill.

TELEPHONE SERVICE: There is no charge for local (Hawai’i Island) calls and there is an answering machine for your convenience. Please do not change the outgoing message. The house phone does not have long distance service. You will need to use your cell phone or make other arrangements for long distance calls.

REFUSE DISPOSAL Your household trash and recycles must be emptied into the cans downstairs under the house. Your garbage and food wastes must be hauled away daily and/or before leaving. There is NO garbage service at the house. You will be charged for haulaway of wet garbage and food waste left in the house and/or in the cans below. The fee will be deducted from the security deposit (or credit card guaranty).

INSECTS: Kahi Ko’Ola Uhane is in the tropics and insects and geckos are a part of the environment. We cannot control Mother Nature's creatures and will not issue any refunds due to the sighting thereof. We have made every reasonable attempt to minimize their interference; all windows have screens and the level of the house (up on stilts) acts as a deterrent outdoors on the lanai, even during twilight.

PROHIBITION AGAINST EXPLOSIVES AND OPEN FIRES: No explosives shall be allowed on the property, including no fireworks. Additionally, no open fires are permitted on the property.

NO ALTERATIONS: You are not allowed to make any holes in the walls, floors or ceilings or use any adhesives or like items.

NO DISTURBANCES, NO PARTIES: You are not allowed to disturb others, or keep the neighbors from enjoying their premises at any time. Please don’t play loud music, loud instruments, or cause any type of loud or offensive sounds. No parties are allowed. Violation will be subject to forfeiture of the security deposit (and credit card guaranty).

NO PETS OR ANIMALS No pets or animals are allowed. Please leave your pets at home.

OWNERS TO BE HELD HARMLESS: The owners accept no liability for any claims whatsoever arising out of the guest occupancy or that of their guests or invitees. The guest occupant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the owner and the owner's agent for any and all claims, damages, losses, penalties, costs, charges and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees arising out of the guest occupancy or that of their guests or invitees, including without limitation, any accident, injury or damages to any person or property occurring in, on, or about the subject property.

THIS AGREEMENT IS NOT ASSIGNABLE: The guest occupant may not sublet, or let anyone else other than their registered family and guests occupy the premises. This agreement is not assignable.

USE OF PROPERTY: You may use the premises only as a provided herein as a place to vacation. It shall not be used for any unlawful, improper purpose or illegal activity.

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